Archiving Investment Register appends or creates many new archive registers?

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When you archive an investment register under the pull down menu in any register 'Archive Transactions', it creates a 'register-Archive' for closed transactions.

If you then archive the original register again after later closing out more trades, it seems to create a new archive 'register-Archive1' .

I ask because I don't want proliferation of archive registers for every year, or half year that I archive! This appears to me like a Quicken bug. First they had a bug that US currency registers got archived as CAD currency registers (which they fixed in the latest update) Now they got a feature that they cannot append to the original archived register more transactions? I guess its not strictly a bug but if you archive register closed transactions every year you will end up with dozens of registers eventually. The only solution is not to archive except say once every 5-10 years and still end up with a bunch of archive registers. I assume since they're archive registers you don't need efficiency and they're all closed trades for historical purposes.

Any way to contact them to suggest to them to just make this feature keep appending to the same original archived register new closed archived investment transactions? Or at least give an option to create a new archive register or not?


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    I played around with this.

    I did an invest archive.
    I then sold all of the holdings of a single security in the original account.
    I did a second invest archive of the original account to get rid of the recent sell.
    Q did create the second archive account as you described.
    I then did a move of ALL the transactions in the second archive account to the first archive account.
    I then deleted the empty second archive account.

    So, it is possible to keep Q from creating more and more archive accounts if you are willing to do the move of transactions after an archive.

    You can test this yourself, just make a backup before doing anything so that you can restore to your original data file when you finish testing.

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    Thank you. Yes I believe actually that the archive function is in fact a move transactions operation in itself. Perhaps it is best only to do this when it reports that the number of closed transactions in your investment register is at least some % of the total that would speed it up. Not sure what that would be 50% of all transactions, 75%, 25%? For example, now I see it says 584 closed transactions of 6400 transactions. That is less than 10% so probably someone else can tell what % of closed transactions would speed up the register..

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