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Allow for the user to change the standard Account Categories: Banking, Investing, Property & Debt.

Minimal change would be to allow the user to change the names of those categories, particularly the Property & Debt since it can include cash assets.

Better would be to also allow an additional category or subcategories to be added, but this is probably much more involved than allowing the names to be changed.

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    If your account has Type=Cash, it will appear in the sidebar under the Cash sub-heading of the main Banking category. If your account has Type=Asset, it will appear in the sidebar under the Property sub-heading of the main Property & Debt category. Is your concern just the label of the heading? I can understand if you would prefer to call it Assets, but it doesn't really affect anything. I'm just guessing that the didn't call this section Assets & Liabilities is that all the other sections are also Assets (Cash, Savings, Investment) and Liabilities (Credit Cards).

    In the past there was a feature request to allow custom arrangement of the left sidebar. It was originally accepted by the developers, but then was later rejected because it apparently impacts too many other area of the program. However, there is a different Idea thread to allow custom re-ordering of the sidebar which has not yet been evaluated. It needs more user votes to be submitted to the developers for consideration, so please take a few seconds to visit that thread and add your vote.

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