missing stock split message in validation of file

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I got this message "Quicken has found 1 stock split(s) for account xxx on 6/6/2022 that might be missing."

To fix this, must I go to that date and enter a dummy manual stock split, say 1:1, so it will be quiet about it?



  • Tom Young
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    The few times over the decades that I've validated my file I always get this error message for a couple of splits, splits that are in the file and correct. I simply ignore the message. If it bothers you (and I'm assuming that the split referred to IS in your file) then go ahead and try your "fix" and see if it works. Quicken will make a backup before the validation so if things go sideways for some reason you always can recover.

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    Thanks. I also get this when I do a stock quote one-update and it pops up - a stock split was downloaded not in your account etc.. And it asks me to 'uncheck it' if I don't want it downloaded. I do not as I entered it manually and the stock split , the way it is downloaded is not actually correct. Just wondering if this message will pop up in the future. Seems that it has, which suggests to me it doesn't always remember the 'uncheck'. But i'll keep an eye on it. Could download it, then edit it too.

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    @questionsforever - I find this happens when the splits are correctly input in your register, but not on the day Quicken thinks it should happen. I had a couple of splits happen recently where I had to change the date of the split to match up with the date the split prices started. When I did this, I got the missing split message and declined it, and it never came back. The message in your validate log eventually will go away.

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