How to deal with a bank software upgrade

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Just wondering if anybody in the community has some insights into how to deal with a bank upgrade in quicken (windows client). I've written this as a "bug report", but really wondering if there are any insights from other more knowledgeable community members. :)

My bank the redwoodCU (rcu) has had an upgrade, and have given account holders a 4 week timeframe, to change from old interface to new interfaces. I did it last week, and now cautiously (from past experience) see how it works with Quicken client. I've asked the bank if they have any recommended practises, and also checking here.

It looks like this results in a new set of "Downloaded ID"

(As a software engineer) I would expect Quicken to understand that banks can autonomously upgrade their software at any point, the bank view will be seamless, and for me as user this should be a survivable event for my quicken register.

In the rcu, When I go to download qfx - the bank interface is spiffy, and I do a careful test run with one new entry and one old entry. On download, In Quicken I need to reconnect the bank account - but then in "Downloaded Transactions" it treats both records as new, even though I can see one is a duplicate

I'm just wondering if there is tutorial on how to knit a bank upgrade in with the quicken register for old records.

From past horrendous experience with "update now" I've a "work practise" to use Download.qfx as its traceable and I can see when major problems like this come up, and can discuss them.

The rcu xxTransactions.qfx appears to have slightly different format than in previous records, but I don't have

<NAME>Transfer To Share 10 Transfer fr
<MEMO>Withdrawal Home Banking Transfer To Share 10 Transfer from *13-S
<NAME>Transfer To Share 10 Top up
<MEMO>Withdrawal Home Banking Transfer To Share 10 Top up

From an older file I have a different version of the FTIDs being used

< FITID > 1178414069

and another


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    The Quicken .QFX file import process uses the FITID process to prevent duplicates. Evidently the "new" software at the CU is using a different numbering process.

    You will just need to be careful for the first few downloads to make sure that you don't accept any dups which Quicken views as "new".

    The thing to make sure is that you do not have auto-accept/auto-enter setup in Quicken so that you review them before you accept them.

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    Thanks spalsher for the thoughts. I phrased it to the bank, but they've said they are sending it on to their support.

    The current Quicken release, seems I can manually match it. In the past that hasn't worked. I guess what would be nice is for Quicken to support a cutoff date . Its a two edged help as that date wrongly set could become a problem.

    its the "being careful" - which I agree with you about - which means I don't recommend Quicken to friends, as there are so many real world conditions that the user needs to "be careful", put on a book-keeper/debugger hat.

    I do it for my finances, for the value of having all my finances on a ledger, but its clearly challenging to keep it making sense.

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