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While using Quicken, I switch between files depending on what business I'm working on. Even tho the most recent file used is listed first, I want to limit the number of files available to choose from to just 2. I've previously limited the number of files shown to 3, but I can't recall how I did that. I now want to see just the last 2 files I've worked with.

Can anyone help?


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    You can remove files from the recently used file list if they no longer exist (or are renamed) by clicking on them in the recently used file list, but as soon as you open that file it will be back on the list. There isn't any way to change how many data file names will be remembered.

    If you are switching between data files constantly you might want to consider putting a shortcut to each data file on your Desktop. That way you can open that data file in Quicken by double clicking on the shortcut.

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    Thanks for the info on the shortcuts.

    Are you sure about the number of data files to be remembered? I currently show 3, even tho I have another dozen named and saved on my computer. If I recall, my files to select from used to show a list and count of 4. Maybe the number of selected files used to be available in a previous version, as I'm almost positive I stumbled upon the answer a few years back. How many files are selectable when you select files to open from Quicken?

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    For reference, in my 2013 Premier it has always shown 4 files listed at the bottom of the FILE tab. If yours only shows 3 maybe that's all you have opened since……? 4 seems to be a set number.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    I've been searching. There was a way to edit the ini file. But my links are for an earlier Quicken forum. But I did find an archived post back in Oct 2018, Quicken Alex posted…
    The file listing in the File menu is designed to display up to 4 data files. If you have additional files you wish to access, you can click File > Open Quicken File and select the data file you desire.

    Alternatively, you may save your six data files to your desktop for easy access to each from the desktop.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    the list of "recent" Quicken files is here - open the INI file -


    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Here's the complete procedure again, for your reference. Earlier posts on that subject appear to have been archived or deleted.

    How to remove obsolete File or Backup Path entries from Quicken Menus

    New with Quicken Subscription (2018+):
    When selecting a file name from the bottom of the File Menu and the file cannot be found, you will get prompted for an action or if you want to remove the name from the file list.

    All Quicken versions:
    You can eliminate incorrect or unused Quicken data file names or Backup Path names if you so desire.

    But please be very, very careful when doing it and retain a "before image" backup copy of the .INI file you are about to edit.

    Close Quicken.

    Edit with Notepad or any other ASCII text editor the file
    "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken\config\QUSER.INI" for older Quicken versions.
    Replace "username" in the path with your Windows account name.

    In this file you will find lines looking similar to these:








    BackupPath4=I:\Quicken Backup\

    BackupPath3=E:\Quicken Backup\

    BackupPath2=J:\Quicken Backup\

    BackupPath1=H:\Quicken Backup\

    Do NOT delete any lines from this file! Just blank out the name portion after the '=' (equal sign).

    [Recent Files] refers to your current "1=..." Quicken data file and 3 previously used ones. The limit is 4 files.

    Do not blank out "1=..." or Quicken will not know which file to start with.

    [RecentBackupPaths] refers to your Manual Backup file paths, "BackupPath1=..." being the most recently used path name. The limit is 5 backup paths.

    Save the changed file.

    Start Quicken.

    Review the results in the File menu for recent data files and/or the Manual Backup menu for Backup paths.

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