Windows Quicken HB&R has features that are not offered to MAC's

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Why does Quicken have Real Estate Rentals available in Windows and not Mac?

I own real estate and contacted quicken support on tracking my real estate investment. I was told Quicken software for real estate was not offered to Mac users. It was only in Home & Business for Windows. Why is that? I'm not given any discount as a Mac user, why should Windows users have features not offered to Mac users?


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    The home rental stuff is part of the Home & Business subscription. If you're a Mac user just don't pay the extra money for that subscription level; stick to Premier or lower.

    Quicken has said that they're planning on adding Home & Business features for Quicken Mac but we don't know when those will arrive. They're interested in hearing what features users want for that, you can add your comments to this thread.

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    The Windows and Mac versions of Quicken are not quite the same in general with regard to features, menus, and capabilities. And, as you have discovered - there is a disconnect between the Quicken levels above Premiere.

    There basically is only a Quicken for Windows version for Home, Business & Rental - there is NOT a version for Mac -

    From the Quicken website - comparing and purchasing the different versions - H&B is Windows Only
    Interesting that Quicken STARTER is no longer listed ?

    Here is the website —>

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    Interesting that Quicken STARTER is no longer listed ?

    @Ps56k2 I questioned this sometime previously, and was told it was simple a marketing decision at Quicken. While Starter still exists, they wanted to promote Simplifi and compare it to desktop Quicken, so to keep from overloading the chart, they removed Starter. If you pulll down the Products menu on that page, you'll see a link for Starter. To me, it seems stupid not to include Starter on the comparison chart for users trying to figure out which version best meets their needs.

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