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I have run into a problem in the last several months across all of my bank accounts when I'm attempting to reconcile my bank account on Quicken Home & Business. I have contacted support a couple of times, having forgotten how I fixed it the first time. They were not able to help even with validation and super validation, so here's my fix.

I'll use today as an example. I was trying to reconcile my July 2023 bank account. All of the transactions were downloaded and accepted. When I entered the date my statement ended and the ending balance it opened up all the withdrawals and deposits and I was out of balance. Upon looking closer, I noticed the 7/31 transactions were missing, even though they were cleared in my Quicken transaction register. So I changed the dates to 7/30, then 7/22 and nothing helped. They never appeared in the reconciliation.

What I finally had to do was delete those 3 transactions and redownload them from my bank. Once I accepted them back into my transaction register, they showed up in my reconciliation! I have no idea why this is happening, but this is not the first time. Thankfully, now I know how to fix it.

Just thought others may want to know.😊


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    This FAQ post does not answer the issue. It cannot be a posting date issue if I delete the missing transaction and redownload it and it suddenly appears in the reconciliation. Right?

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    There is something very strange going on with the transactions that you are downloading.

    When you reconcile downloaded transactions Quicken uses the posting date it got for the transaction from the financial institution, not the date you might enter. You can see this date by turning on the "Downloaded posting date" column in the register.

    It is pretty clear from your statement that the financial institution sent a date later than the one you entered for the ending statement balance.

    Now here is where it gets even stranger. Every downloaded transaction has what is supposedly a unique Id (turn on the "Downloaded ID" column to see it). When you download a transaction Quicken records that unique Id. And if it sees a downloaded transaction with that unique Id it ignores it so that you don't get duplicate transactions (downloading often sends overlapping transactions from one download to another).

    So, in theory if you have deleted a transaction, you should never see it again, even if it now has a different posting date. The fact that you can "re-download" the transaction implies that the unique Id has been changed and it is now "new transaction", not the one that had a posting date that wasn't on or before the ending date that you put in.

    I'm not sure of what all is going on, but between the two downloaded columns you should at least be able to see what is going on.

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