How do I track a combined line of credit and mortgage?

hfraser Member

I have line of credit that is part mortgage and part traditional line of credit. On my bank's web site I can see them split, but Quicken only sees the line of credit. They are, however, very different… the mortgage portion is at a fixed rate and the loc is variable. I'd like to be able to track them separately in Quicken for planning (like debt reduction scenarios). Suggestions?



  • Tom Young
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    Set up the regular mortgage as a manual, non-downloading loan. ALL information about the loan after it's set up comes from your checking Account - principal payment, interest payment, escrow amounts - so there's really no big advantage to connecting a normal amortizing mortgage to the lender. The only information sent to a connected mortgage Account is the "principal" element of your payment and nothing more.

    If you want to to make the line of credit a "downloading" loan you can, but it does seem like the downloading process associated with loans is somewhat fraught for some reason. It's not uncommon at all that users post in here that Quicken is reporting that a downloading loan is "paid off", when it isn't.

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