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My previous Quicken membership expired about 2 years ago. I renewed last weekend but now it is uploading that 2 years worth of data that my subscription was expired. I want to start from about July 1, 2023. Plus we have some new accounts and have closed some accounts. How do I get the new subscription (membership) to retrieve current data and not include the data from old subscription. Really don't want to reconcile 2 yrs worth of transactions. Thank you.


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    Create a new data file and add the accounts you want to track now.

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    It is not a matter of new vs old subscription, the subscription being active just allows you to download transactions.

    Since you had to reestablish the connections to the accounts, Quicken has no control over how far back the initial download goes, that is determined by the financial institution and is normally 60-90 days, but Discover Card (before they dropped Direct Connect support) used to download the last 365 days.

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