How do you merge two separate Quicken accounts into one and keeping all downloaded tx details?

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Quicken for Windows. How do you merge two separate Quicken accounts from the same bank account into one Quicken account while keeping all downloaded transaction details from the bank (like downloaded memo, downloaded ID, etc) completely intact? This is has been painstaking process for me to try to accomplish this after reading snippets of forum posts on here that suggests that this is possible when it seems to me like it isn't. if someone has successfully achieved this, could you very kindly provide specific detailed step by step instructions on how this can be done. I followed the steps of pairing down files so that nothing but the two separate accounts remain and then using QXF import / export function to no avail. The accounting engagement


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    This workaround is obsolete for newer versions of Quicken.

    The reason for the FAQ suggesting using Copy instead of Move is because Quicken used to prompt for every single reconciled transaction when using Move transactions, making it impossible to use. But also, with this "Copy" workaround the attachments aren't moved to the new account.

    The alternate workaround that never got much visibility was to change the reconcile status of the transactions and then use the move transaction function. Not only was that a hassle I have found that you would still get prompted on transactions that were a transfer to another account, and that transaction was reconciled there.

    What people have been asking for, for years is to only be warned one time that you are moving a reconciled transaction(s) while using the move transaction function, and Quicken Inc finally did this in a recent release.

    Use standard Windows selection methods like described in the FAQ above, and just use "Move transaction(s)" from the context (right click) menu (or select it from the Edit → Transactions menu).


    Selecting the account, and then OK:

    After selecting OK, all the transactions I selected were moved.

    I will point out that nothing transfers the "Downloaded" fields.

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