Overview Spending Category Drill-able pie chat - what is it being replaced with ?

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The software says that the Spending-by-category drillable pie chart available in the Overview is being replaced by the dashboard. But the one in the dashboard is not drillable (can't drill down to get a pie chart of of the sub-categories and etc….). What will it be replaced it ?


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    In the Home Dashboard > Spending by Category card, you can click on any category (name or pie chart wedge), and Quicken will open a report in a new window showing the transactions that comprise that category's spending for the selected time period. This is similar to the register you see in the old Home screen when you drill down on a category. You can click on the Category column heading to sort the transactions by sub-category if you wish.

    What's different is that in the old Home screen , when you drill down, Quicken generates a second pie chart of sub-categories. The Dashboard version does not. But you can quickly and easily turn the transaction report into a summary report by sub-categories, which shows you the same data as you got in the old drill-down pie chart. Here's how…

    In the Dashboard card, when you drill down on a category, you get the transaction report for that category. If you want to see just a summary by sub-categories, though, you can easily get this. At the top of the transaction window which opens, you can see the filters are set for Type=Transaction, Row=Time, Interval=None:

    To turn this report into a summary by sub-category, you just need to change the filters to Type=Summary, Row=Category, Column=Time, Interval=None:

    This produces a summary report by sub-category. While this isn't in pie graph form like the old Home screen, it does show you the same data in a simple, usable format. Try it and see if it meets your needs.

    If you're specifically looking for a pie chart of a drill-down of sub-categories, we have no idea if or when the developers will add such a feature.

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