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ken deemer
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Is there a way to disable all Quick Save rules for my Venmo account? They are nearly 100% incorrect and I would rather see an Unknown Payee than a wrong one.



  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Is it the Payee name that's wrong or the category that's wrong.

    If the Payees are wrong, you could create a Renaming Rule which renames a stamens payee containing "venmo" into "Venmo" (or "Unknown" or "Venmo - Fix This" or whatever you want.)

    If the categories are wrong, you could create a QuickFill rule for Payee Venmo with no category, memo, or amount — so you could later manually pick the category. In the QuickFill Rule, you'd check the checkboxes at the bottom so this is the default rule used, and it doesn't get changed when you edit a Venmo transaction:

    If you have any existing QuickenFill rules for Venmo, you might want to delete them as well.

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