Why do credit card bill reminders post 2 entries in 2 accounts now?


Before when I had bill reminders to pay a credits card account (in quicken) from my checking account (in quicken), when I ran Updates, they would automatically match up correctly to the downloaded transactions. Now the downloaded transactions match up to each other and the bill reminders are uncleared and now I have 2 entries in each of the accounts for that amount. That leaves me having to unmatch accounts and manually change categories, delete duplicate entries and then match up the accounts again. A lot of manual fixes every time I run update. Did something change? Do I need to do something different with my bill reminders? I don't want to remove them because I like the projected balance feature.


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    Not sure if anything has changed in one of the recent Quicken software updates. Maybe some programmer is trying to improve the transfer transaction generation process …

    Are you recording the Scheduled Reminders before the Due Date and before you download transactions from the banks? Or are you relying on downloaded transactions to pull in the waiting scheduled reminder and turn it into a register transaction?
    My suggestion is to always record any scheduled reminders BEFORE you download transactions. This makes it possible for Quicken to match the downloaded transaction with an existing register transaction and not create any duplicates.

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    I try to always enter the reminders to the accounts before running Update to download transactions. I've done both ways in the past prior to this issue. If I download first then I have manually match up the transactions, so I try to do it the other way and let Quicken do the matching.

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    I think that you're saying that your downloaded txn isn't matching with your manual input txn. so you end up with 2 txn. The question then becomes WHY don't they match. What differs: Amount? Date? keep looking

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