Provide a report to simplify tax loss harvesting

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There is no simple, easy, or elegant way in QWin to identify security lots which are currently at a loss (underwater). It is useful to find such lots when capital loss harvesting for income tax purposes is desired.

I can attempt to sort a portfolio view by Gain/Loss, but the view sorts the lots chronologically by purchase date rather than by gain/loss, so the amount of gain or loss for each lot is not shown in a useful order.

I would like to see a report of all underwater lots of liquid securities in my taxable accounts sortable by loss amount and with various options for subtotals (by account, long- vs. short-term holdings, etc.)

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    I agree - a common need that Quicken should provide an easy way to report

  • Jim_Harman
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    The Investing > Portfolio Value report with the new Lots option almost does this, but it does not show or allow sorting by the price per share or the long/short status for each lot.

    For most of my securities it has a * in the "est" column which might indicate that there are Placeholders, but I do not have Placeholders.

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