Bill and Income Reminder- edit this and all future instances not working for paychecks

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Since about May of 2023, I can no longer "edit this and all future instances" of my paycheck. I use this often for multiple paychecks as they change at various times throughout the year. Currently, I only get the "edit split" option that does not allow me to edit the individual line items of the paycheck. Each paycheck now has to be updated individually and does not carry forward. What is the work around? I've seen this asked a few times without a definitive answer.


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    'Edit this and all future" only works on txn that haven't been saved in your register.

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  • jp888
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    Hi NotACPA thanks for the response, however, I used the editor on a saved transaction in my income reminder, not one already in the register. The income reminder was set up using the Paycheck Setup wizard. This is a technique I've been using for the past 10+ yrs.

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    Go to the Bill and Income Reminders section. Find the desired event to edit and right click on it. Do you not get the option to "Edit this instance and all future instances"?

  • Luche333

    I'm having the same problem. My paycheck changed in June and I'm unable to edit the individual line items for future income. I have to do it manually every time I enter my income.

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    I think it's important to describe what the behavior is now vs what is was in May/June. Prior to whatever programmatic changes were made, editing current or current + future instances of paychecks invoked the same interface used to enter the paycheck or add a paycheck.

    The image above used to be the interface for adding and editing current and future paychecks. It is still the interface for adding and entering paycheck information. Any editing of existing and future instances, however, is now handled by the inferior "Income Reminder" window.

    RalphC says to edit via the "Edit this instance and all future instances" dialog box, but that is not the issue. The issue is what happens when you do edit the current and/or future instances, which results in this:

    Rather than the paycheck editor you get when creating a paycheck or entering your current paycheck, you get the above. Clicking on "Details" and then the split icon in the popup window, gets you this:

    And this split transaction window is useless and riddled with errors.

    So, the issue is a reduction in functionality due to some change that resulted in the ability to utilize the payroll/paycheck editor when editing current and future instances of a paycheck. The end user is now required to manually enter every paycheck and make any payroll changes at the time of entry vs being able to edit future instances.

    As time progresses and paycheck changes become more numerous, the usefulness of the paycheck feature will continue to decline. Please bring back the paycheck editor.

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    I really hope they prioritize restoring this functionality. A major component of personal finance is a paycheck and all its implications, not a lump sum income total. Maddening to devalue their product like this !

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