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I am getting an error when I try to connect my retirement accounts from Netxinvestor to Quicken version R51.12 Windows 11 OS Build I am getting the erro not my fault. See attachment. No sure why I am getrting this error since I sign on to the Netx site with my u/p with no problems. I do have to put a client number in to sign in before my username and password. Can I get some assistance to help me out? I checked all the posts on the community support page but they do not have the answers any longer since they were posted in early 2022.


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    See if this fixes things. The original poster with the same problem said it worked for him:


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    said:  I contacted Cetera (who uses NetXInvestor) and they said it's set up properly and the problem is on Quicken's end.

    just to clarify - which of these 2 names do you have setup in Quicken ?Which do you use to log into their website to see your account ?
    And... there appear to be THREE entries listed for Cetera - and ONE for NetXInvestor
    11998    11998    11998    Cetera Advisor Networks LLC        800.879.8100    ACTIVE   
    12001    12001    12001    Cetera Advisors LLC        800.929.3485    ACTIVE   
    15871    15871    15871    Cetera Investment Services        866-663-4430    NA    ACTIVE   
    INVESTMENT,ACCOUNTINFO,401K&DIRECT                --------------17232    17232    17232    NetXInvestor    your Broker        ACTIVE   


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