Red Flag for Downloaded Transactions - I've Tried Everything

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I've battled the red flag for downloaded transactions in a checking account for years. I've tried everything and I can't solve it. It's now an issue as the bank did an update that requires me to reset my Direct Connect but I can't because it says transactions must be accepted.

For background, I have done the turn on auto entry, check online center to compare, etc. step. When I turn on auto entry, the flag does go away but there is nothing in the online center or at the bottom in downloaded transactions. Even with the flag gone, I get the same "can not edit {Account Name} because there are downloaded transactions" error.

When I toggle auto entry back off, the flag reappears. Still nothing shows anywhere. Turn it back on, disappears but still can't update.

I have validated the file (and super validated, for whatever that's worth) with both the flag appearing in non-auto entry mode and not appearing in auto entry mode, nothing. The search bar is clear.

This has been going on for some time, probably multiple years, so going back to an old file isn't possible. Losing my mind. Help, please…


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    Have you tried making a Quicken copy of the file as a template and then re-establish the online banking connections?

    File→Backup or Copy file→Create a copy or template (give it a different name so that you don't overwrite your existing file and leave all of the settings as default)

    No guarantees, but it might be the solution.

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  • kevinblack
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    Thank you, that worked to re-establish online banking. However, the red flag situation is the exact same.

    Also, doubt it's connected, but ever since re-establishing all the banking connections, One Step no longer works. If I update anything, whether that's One Step or account by account, it freezes and never comes back.

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