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Can anyone tell me how to set my budget amount in Quicken (Version 7.2.1)? It's really not very intuitive or easy to figure out. All I can see is what Quicken thinks my budget is but I want to reset it.



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    Just figured it out.. I have to go unto budget, edit, open budget, select each row, zero it out, then zero out the total.. Wow.. just wow… a RMB edit would be real nice Just like Quicken, the UI here sucks too. Can't even figure out how to delete this post.

    Sorry to be such a downer here on my first post but QUICKEN… really you need a UI team..

  • jacobs
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    If you create a budget with a start date of last year (e.g. 1/2022), and then change the start date of the budget to 1/2023, you'll see this dialog box which allows you to create the current-year budget with all zero values so you don't need to zero out categories manually:

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