Portfolio Value report is missing two stocks added in May.

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Portfolio reports for 5/31/23, 6/30/23, and 7/31/23 all omitted the two stocks that are in 4 different acounts. I have checked that all Symbols are correct. I have also checked that the Names of each account's stocks match the account. I unchecked the Download Update box on a lot of Securities that I not longer have. I have run Validate & Repair and Repair Price history. All checks look OK.

I need HELP please


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    If you go to one of the accounts where you hold these stocks and click on Holdings, do they show up there? Are the share quantities, prices, and market values correct?

    If not, change the As of date in the Holdings view and see when things go awry. Then look in the transactions for the account around that date and see if there is anything that might explain this - an acquisition, share class conversion, etc.

    Another possibility is that there is a Placeholder that is setting the share quantity to zero. To make placeholders visible, go to Edit > Preferences > Investing and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked.

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    I thought I found the solution BUT it happened again after I closed Quicken and restarted.

    The "Include All Securities" box does not stay checked.

    Well, I opened the Customised Portfolio report. Under Settings > Securities. I checked the "include all Securities" box and I checked the "Automatic update list box. Then I saved the report.

    Now running the saved report or the "uncustomized" report show the same result depending on the As Of date.

    Thanks for getting more pointed in troubleshooting.

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