Knitting together fractured credit card accounts

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I had my credit card hacked a couple of times and had to close and re-open the account. Ideally, I would have liked to have had one running account with all transactions for that card w/ that bank, regardless of account number. Apparently, I was not diligent in my downloading practices.

  • A second account was spawned that has roughly 2 years worth of transactions (Oct 2019 - Dec 2021) and now my balance in the main account is off by ~$16K from the online balance.
  • There are also about 6 months of transactions that didn't download at all.

Should I merge the 2 accounts? If so, can someone tell me how?




  • Chris_QPW
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    Personally, I would merge the two accounts.

    The process would be just to move transactions between one account and the other ensuring that you don't have any overlapping (or missing transactions). It up to you ensure this while selecting the transactions to move, there isn't an automatic merge.

    Quicken's selecting of transactions in a register is standard Windows selection methods.

    Click on first, hold down shift key click on last transaction to select a range of transactions.

    Holding down Ctrl and clicking on a transaction toggles the selection of that transaction.

    After you have the transactions, you want to move you can either right click on one of the transactions and select Move Transactions or select Edit → Transaction → Move Transaction(s)

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