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I set up my beginning balances with categories. but it keeps changing to Adjustment…. I need those balances for my reports. What am I doing wrong? I go in each month when I do my reports and have to put the categories back in so the balances will feed to my reports.


  • John_in_NC
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    I am surprised nobody has responded to this.

    I am not sure what you mean: Do you mean you entered a transaction you want as your opening balance, and then this transaction gets the Category changed to "Adjustment"?

    Or does a new transaction get created with this adjustment category? Is this account online? Mobile? These details help.

    Any details you can add help.

  • jacobs
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    Yes, I didn't know what was meant by "I set up my beginning balances with categories." A beginning balance is just that: a number to establish the opening balance in an account in Quicken. An opening balance wouldn't typically involve a category, as it's just making the value appear out of thin air.

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