Freeze (preserve) headers when scrolling in "Holdings" view

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After clicking the Holdings button when viewing an investment account register, the column headers (Quote/Price, Shares, Market Value, etc.) scroll off the top of the page and out of view when the account has more than 50 (?) or so holdings.

I would really appreciate it if the headers were frozen at the top of the display, while the actual holdings are scrolled below.

In Excel, I believe they refer to this as "freezing" the top row(s), where the headers are located).

I suggest "freezing" the main header ("Holdings" in this case), the "Show" row (Value, Recent Performance, etc.) and the "Name" row (the column headers.

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John Lortscher

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  • Jim_Harman
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    The Holdings view is convenient, but another option would be to use the Investing > Portfolio views instead.

    They are like the Holdings view, but you can select which accounts, securities, and columns to show. And the column headers do not scroll when you scroll down in a long list.

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  • J92130
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    Thank you, Jim … that's a good tip. However, I do prefer the convenience of the Holdings view (via the Holdings button) while I am inside of an investment register and would love to be able to scroll in that view without losing the headings.

    Nonetheless, thanks again for the reminder about the Portfolio view.

  • q_lurker
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    In this context, the two should behave the same = not scroll the headers off.

    I’m really curious about the underlying evolution.

    • Did they assign the two tasks to two different programmers and get this slight difference?
    • Did Holding get created as a subset of Portfolio Views and someone missed this part?
    • Did Holdings come first with PVs as an expansion where they realized the ‘error’ but never backfit it?

    I use PV 95% of the time, and shake my head at the oversight the other 5%.

  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The setup is a little different. In Portfolio View, the scroll bar is internal to the list. In Holdings, it is external and scrolls the entire window content.

    Check this out: in the Holdings pane, click the "plus in a square" to expand a security to show lots. But look at the right side of the Holdings while clicking. I see a scroll bar internal to the Holdings list briefly appear and vanish. So the desired scroll bar is there, but hidden.

    I don't know why the scroll bar briefly appears when expanding lots. But I don't think it would be too difficult to change the logic to make the scroll bar appear when the Holdings list is longer than the window is tall. So I voted for this idea.

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