Is there a process for starting up express web connect?

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Over a year ago I quit downloading using Express Web Connect because of corruption issues, and I opted for Web connect. I pretty much eliminated sync issues and corruption issues. I'm contemplating trying Express Web Connect again.

I was curious if there is a process or procedure that I should use to start using Express Web connect again however, I do not want to take the chance of my register getting scrambled or corrupted if I initiate the change. Any comments, help or advice would be appreciated. If you think I should stay with Web Connect for now, please let me know your opinion. I don't want any more syncing problems though!


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    Well, the first problem you are going to face is depending on the financial institution the downloaded transactions might get a different unique Id and as such you will get duplicates in your register. Basically, if the financial institution is the one generating the unique Ids then there is a high chance that they wouldn't be different from the two different sources. But if Intuit is generating them for Express Web Connect, then they are guaranteed to be different. So, which is it? Like I said depends on the financial institution, but my guess is it all has to do with the "agreement" made between Intuit and the financial institution of what form the download is going to be. I'm certain when Express Web Connect was first created Intuit expected to implement "Express" by logging into the financial institution as you used the web browser backend, and getting a Web Connect/QFX file. As such, there wouldn't be any difference in the data for the two different methods. But not all financial institutions generate QFX files. So, they expanded that agreement to downloading other formats that don't have built in unique Ids, and so they generated them for that "agreement".

    Note that Express Web Connect + is a different animal. That is using a standardized protocol between Intuit and the financial institutions (but it isn't OFX). As such the unique Ids are going to be different, but it seems that Quicken has put in some processing that tries to remove the duplicates when first connecting. That seems to be the case of why it can take a long time for Quicken to show the transactions in the register after approving the connection at the financial institution.

    As for not causing any problems down the line. From the comments it doesn't seem like Express Web Connect or Express Web Connect + are doing such on a regular basis, but like all such things no one can guarantee you will never have such a problem.

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    I've been using Express Web Connect since its launch. I have 2 banks, 7 credit card accounts, and 2 investment institutions. All download correctly everyday. For me, it takes about 2 minutes to download from these accounts. FYI.

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    I have several accounts using Express Web and several using Express Web +, recently none have been downloading correctly. A few weeks ago I was able to restore downloads for a few days by reactivating each account seperately (painful process) but then the downloads stopped again and I have given up.

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    My comment is that Express Web Connect+ is slower that previous connections (Direct Connect, etc). I guess some slowness is Intuit trying to clean up the downloads so I can live with it.

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