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Is there any way to prevent Quicken Mac from memorizing payees? I find instructions how to do so for Quicken for Windows, but not for the desktop Mac version. I have used Quicken for years, and memorizing every payee has become very annoying.


  • jacobs
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    Every Payee in Quicken Mac is “memorized” — there’s no separate list of memorized payees. But if your problem is QuickFill rules, there’s a Settings preference where you can set whether Quicken will or will not create a new QuickFill rule for each new/edited transaction.

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  • RickO
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    You will find the preference setting that @jacobs refers to at the bottom of the Register tab in Quicken > Settings.

    If your issue is that you don't want to see certain payees to be offered when you start typing a payee name, open the Payees & Rules window and check the Hidden box for each such payee.

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