Cash Balances are double counted due to the Cash Summary in Investment Accounts

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I have been asking to have this issue fixed for a couple of years. In the last week, a change was made that will help to resolve this issue, but you have only fixed half of the problem. Over the past few days I have noticed that ALL the cash accounts are now showing in the list of securities. Previously, some (like US Treasuries) were only summarized in the Cash Balance summary. (I download using the "Simple - Positions Only" method)

The cash summary is now double counting ALL of the cash accounts, throwing off my totals significantly. If you provide a way of turning off the sumary cash balance computation, my balances will be correct.

I know which if my accounts are cash accounts, and really the cash summary is of no value, and only causes problems. I don't think you should try to make this extra interpretation of the data being fed from the finanacial institutions. Just download each security in the accounts and let me interpret my data.

The double counting of the cash throws off my account totals significantly, and requires me to manually go into 12 accounts and zero out the cash balance EVERY time I run an account update with JP Morgan.


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    If this a Fidelity NetBenefits account?

    There is a longstanding issue with those accounts in Simple mode.

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    No it is JP Morgan - and includes 10+ accounts

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