Vanguard Transition to Brokerage account - Cost Basis ?

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I've done this and One Step Update to Quicken shows both the old and new accounts.

But, the new accounts show the cost basis of my securities as zero.

How can I transfer the historical cost basis of my securities from the old mutual fund accounts to the new brokerage accounts?


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    There are a couple of ways to handle the transition, but I would use the method below because it mimics what happened in real life. This will enter one Removed transaction for each security currently held in the old account(s) and an Added transaction in the new account for each tax lot of each security. It preserves the cost basis and acquisition dates of the securities transferred. The original cash and security transactions will remain in the old accounts.

    1. Make sure the holdings in your old account(s) prior to the transfer are up to date and accurate. 
    2. Back up your data file in case something goes wrong.
    3. In the old account(s), click on the gear, pick Edit account details, and on the Online Services tab, click on Deactivate.
    4. If there are transactions in the old account(s) that remove the holdings for the transfer, delete them.
    5. Set up the new account in Quicken if you have not already. If there are already transactions that transfer the holdings into the account, delete them.
    6. In the old account(s), click on Enter Transactions and pick Shares transferred between accounts.
    7. Select All securities and click on Enter/Done.
    8. If there is any cash in the old account(s), enter a Cash Transferred out of account to move it to the new account.

    When reporting on performance over a period that includes the transfer, include both the old and new accounts in the analysis. 

    The alternate method redirects your existing account so that the current holdings remain there and new transactions are downloaded from the new financial institution (FI). Follow steps 1-4 above, then re-activate the account for downloading, using the new financial institution and/or account number. When it finds your new account, be sure to choose the option to link it to the current account, not add a new account. If transactions are downloaded to add the current holdings, delete them.

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    Thanks very much. I'll try that.

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