Download more than 250 days of net worth to excel

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To analyze investment accounts, I would like to download daily account values. The only report I have found which allows me to do this Net Worth set to daily interval. However, the number of days exported to excel is limited to 250. Pasting reports together one year at a time for individual accounts would ridiculously time consuming. Is there some way to download daily individual account values for more than 250 days into an excel spreadsheet?


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    As far as I know, there is no way to do what you want. It is hard enough to get accurate daily share prices in Quicken, so the daily accuracy of a Net Worth report would be somewhat suspect.

    Can you explain what sort of analysis you would be doing that requires daily values?

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    I'd like to compute risk adjusted performance of various investment accounts by plotting PnL normalized by rolling 1 year staandard deviation.

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