Is there a way to filter the Security Detail View by Account?

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I want to be able to see a security details by account in addition to all accounts. There doesn't appear to be a way to filter the detail which forces me to export the data and manually calculate the metrics.


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    What metrics do you want to compute?

    There may be a way to do what you want by using a Portfolio view.

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    Following up on the @Jim_Harman comment …

    The Security Detail View shows 3 groups of data on the left side - My Holdings, Security Details, and Quote. The latter two are independent of the account. The data in the My Holdings section (for all accounts) can be also presented in a customized portfolio view (Ctrl-U) and there broken down by account.

    The Security Detail View also shows transaction information across the top. That data can be sorted there by Account — click the Account header. The forced (no user control) secondary sort criterion is then by date.

    The graph of either Market Value or Price History with the optional activity shown cannot be broken down as neatly by account anywhere (to my knowledge).

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