How to show extra payments on credit card in report( not current month payment of charges on card)

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I am trying to figure out how to show on report just extra payments on credit card but NOT monthly current charges(because they are already in report in categories). I have an old balance bringing in of 5K , I am working on paying it down. If I have any new charges I pay them in full and then some money to pay down the old 5K balance. How do I show this on report? I would like to see it as a category item (paying down old debt) I tried to show outgoing credit card transfers but thats not accurate.

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    In order to show the extra payments, Quicken would need to know how much the minimum payment was and how much more you paid.

    One way you could do this would be to enter the credit card payments as 2-way split transactions. Each split line would be a transfer to the credit card account. One line would have no Tag and would be for the minimum payment and the second line would be for the extra amount you paid and would have the tag "Extra" or whatever. If the extra payments are made separately from the minimum payments, then you would just add the "Extra" tag to the extra payments.

    Then you could run an Itemized Tags report customized to select just the credit card account. In the Transfers section, the Untagged transactions would be for the minimum payments and the transactions with the "Extra" tag would be for the extra payments. If you only want the report to show the extra payments, you could further customize it to include just the "Extra" tag.

    You could do this with other reports as well, Itemized Tags is just an example. The key is to select just the credit card account so that transfers to the account are included in the report by default.

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