Can my partner and I both run quicken on one license


my partner and I would both look at the credit cards and financial accounts and I have one quicken account. Additionally, I have a laptop that I take on trips/vacations and I want to be able to work with quicken on that system as well.

I am reluctant, for security purposes, to move all of my financial information to the web….so I run quicken on my computer.

Can I do this with one license and account….or do I need two or maybe three licenses to do this? I understand that if I create an online account, I wouldn't need to ask this question….We could access the account from any computer…right?


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    You can put subscription (2018+) Quicken on as many computers as you like, but they will all be registered to the same Quicken Id.

    There is no "sync" operation in Quicken to keep a data file synced on multiple computers keeping the files on all of them up to date.

    Keeping the data file on a network/shared drive is not supported by Quicken and using OneDrive/DropBox/etc to keep the file "synced" across the computers can only be done if you turn off the those services while Quicken is running to prevent file corruption.

    The safest method is to copy the file to the local harddrive of the computer you want to work on, ensuring that someone else does not make changes to another copy of the file on a different computer at the same time. There is no way to merge the differences of two files into one.

    There is QMobile/QWeb that works with the Quicken Cloud Account (QCA) that takes selected (your choice) accounts from a desktop Quicken data file. Once "synced" to the QCA, QMobile/QWeb allow you to view/update those accounts and the changes (if made) are synced back to the desktop data file.

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