Start Up Problem (re-registering Q 2017 with new email address)


Good Afternoon

I live in South Africa and I am using Quicken Home & Business 2017, Version R 20.6, Build

In the last few days I am experiencing an issue.

It seems that my version of Quicken was registered with an email address which no longer exists. I have a new email address. I have notified Quicken of this change using the web notification form. This change notification has not been acknowledged by Quicken.

When I start Quicken, a pop up box opens which requests that I supply my Quicken ID Password. However this pop up box contains no fields allowing me to enter any information. I can close this box by clicking on the X. This is repeated three times before entering the register. The same happens when I wish to exit from Quicken.

During the time that I am in the register, there is a message available which when I read it gives me two option boxes 1. Create a Quicken ID and this option is ticked and 2. Upgrade to latest Quicken Mobile app and this option is unticked. (I do not use Quicken Mobile). I exit from the message centre by selecting Skip All and then exit from Quicken.

Can you please assist me.


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