Adding Schwab account has made it impossible to download transactions from two more brokerage houses


I was able to add my Schwab account with no issues. However, when I try to update my other brokerage accounts, I recieve OL-362-A message. These accounts downloaded just fine before adding the Schwab account. Has anyone else had any problems? Quicken says it is Edward Jones' and the other brokerage firm's problems, not theirs. Any help is much appreciated.


  • Tom Young
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    Quicken has a FAQ about what this error message means and how to fix it here:

    When you spoke to Quicken Support I'd have thought they would have had you work through the "To resolve this issue" steps listed in the FAQ. Did they do that? Also, did they give you any information as to what, exactly, the "firm's problems" really are?

    As is so often the case, Quicken really isn't clear about what causes this error. Their opening statement is:


    This issue usually occurs when account information is out of sync with the bank server. The information can become out of sync for a
    number of reasons.

    a statement that's basically useless. Every morning my Quicken Account information probably is "out of sync" with the server as it could be missing transactions that were processed by the bank but not yet downloaded to the Account.

    All can I suggest here is to follow the process in the FAQ, if you haven't already.

  • Margaret Luth

    Thank you for your comment. The Quicken representative I had spoken to ran me through many steps to try to resolve the issue. He assured me that it was an Edward Jones problem. Before following the FAQ, I ran online update without success this morning. Then I installed the Quicken update issued last night. Then online update ran successfully. I wish Quicken would own the problem when it is theirs.

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