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Can you see the income and expense breakdown for a future year when using the what if function in Lifetime Planner?


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    There is a bar graph shown in Lifetime Planner (whether inside or outside of the What If tool). Click on the bar for any year to see the high-level summary breakdowns for that year. You can also scroll backward and forward to see the year-to-year changes that take place.

    But when you make a change in the What If tool the bar graph is replaced by a line graph showing what the new top level projection is compared to the previous top level projection.

    Unfortunately, the line graph does not provide the drill-down capability that the bar graph does. In order to see that bar graph drill-down detail you will need to first save the What If change as the Plan. Then you will be able to once again see the bar graph and you can then click on the year in question to see how the change is reflected there.

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    Below is an IDEA that proposed a solution to your need. It was once open for voting, comments and progressive elaboration but now closed and archived (lost) never to discussed further, even though there may be occasional interest.

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