How to update price of investment - that is not publicly traded (edit)

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In my pension fund I hold a mutual fund that is not traded on any exchange. As a result, using the update quotes function does not work. I have been unable to find how to input updated prices for this mutual fund. Is there a way that I can manually update the price?


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    Sure there are a few ways. The easiest is in the portfolio view, make sure you are on the date that you want to update the price for and then click on the price to update it. Of course this means you need to use a view (or create one) that shows the "Quote/Price" field.

    The other way go to Tools > Security List and select the security. On the security Detail View select More > Edit Price History and enter the price for the date you wish to update.

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    If you are entering prices for a single fund, the easiest way is

    1. Go to Tools > Security List and click on the name of the fund. This will open the fund's Security Detail page.
    2. Click on More then Edit Price history
    3. Click on New and enter the date and closing price

    If you can get historical prices in a CSV format file, you may be able to import them into Quicken using File > File Import > Import security prices from CSV file. If necessary, you can edit the AV file in Excel before importing. See the Help for more information.

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    you have to manually create and add that mutual fund symbol in your Quicken Security List -
    then - as mentioned, just manually update the Price History for that security ….

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    Thanks for the help.

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