Projected balances panel doesn't display cash mgt accounts?


Because cash management (checking) accounts held at a brokerage are classified as "brokerage" rather than "spending" accounts, they are not included in the Projected Balances panel. The brokerage sets the "type" of account when setting it up in Quicken, but the user can't get the account into the "multiple accounts" listing for this panel. These accounts actually are spending accounts, and I would like to be able to include them among the ones I can select to track on this panel.

Has anyone else found a workaround?




  • Jim_Harman
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    In your brokerage account in Quicken, is the cash shown in the cash balance, or is it in a separate money market fund?

    If it is in the cash balance, click on the gear at the top right of the account and select Edit Account Details. If you set "Show cah in a checking account" to Yes, Quicken will create a linked checking account, which will show your cash with all the other banking accounts, including the Projected Balances.

    Some people don't like this option. You should be able to switch it back without any problems, but be sure to back up your data file before trying this n case you need to revert to the original setup.

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  • UKR
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    First do make sure you have (or have created) a backup of your Quicken data file … just in case Mr Murphy comes by to lend a hand …

    Go into Edit Account Details for this brokerage account (not available for retirement accounts)

    Set the radio button to "Yes" in "Show cash in a checking account" and click OK.
    Quicken will create an additional linked Checking account with "Cash" added to the account name. During account creation, all banking-related transactions in the investment account register will be moved into the Cash register.
    Depending on the number of transactions in the investment register, this process may take a moment or two.
    From now on, the new Cash register will be available in the Banking section of the Account Sidebar and can be included in the "Multiple Accounts" selection of Projected Balances and/or other views.
    New banking-type transactions that once were entered in the investment register will now have to be entered in the Cash register, just like in other checking account. Investment transactions (Buy, Sell, etc.) will continue to be entered in the investment register, but any impact of these transactions to your cash balance will also appear in the cash register in a linked reference transaction.

  • docfiddle52
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    Excellent, I saw this when I first created the account but wasn't sure what it actually meant. When I checked that box to link to a checking register, all the entries in the brokerage checking disappeared, and I didn't notice the cash acc't on the banking side — my bad. Thank you for your assistance.

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