How can I correct the value of bonds shown in Quicken?

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Quicken is synched with my brokerage portfolio and reports values of securities purchased and sold correctly.

However, the value reported by Quicken for individual bonds I have purchased at the brokerage is off by a factor of 1000X.

For example, I had purchased 10 bonds, and they currently have a value of $619 each per bond - so a total value in my brokerage account of $6190.

These bonds have a par value of $1000, so the brokerage reports the quantity held not as "10" but as "10,000" (since at maturity, these should pay back $10,000). The price reported at the brokerage is $61.91 as is the standard practice for bond price reporting (current value/10).

However, Quicken interprets this as owning 10,000 "units" at $61.91 each and reports a value of $619,100 - or 1000X greater than the actual value.

Correcting the purchase transaction or any placeholder transaction does not fix this issue as Quicken continues to interpret that there are 10,000 "bonds" at the brokerage and each with a value of $61.91.

I had seen this issue (bond price/value tracking discrepancy in Quicken) reported previously, but have not seen a solution to this issue.

Is there a solution so that Quicken can accurately interpret and track the value of individual bond holdings in my brokerage portfolio?


  • Tom Young
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    I'd say you need to edit the purchase transaction, or delete it entirely and enter it manually, to comport with reality as to the quantity of bonds you own.

    Transaction entry in Quicken:

    Entry made in Quicken's Transaction List:

    If the Broker is sending bond prices in the same fashion as this entry everything should be good.

    (You can't rely on downloads from brokers to get things right.)

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    Your buy transaction should look like this:

    An inline listing of that transaction in the transaction list will appear as

    Note that the 10 'bonds' in the purchase (for which you paid 619.00 per bond) becomes 100 'shares' priced at 61.90/'share'.

    If you are seeing 10,000 'units' or shares being acquired in a downloaded transaction, there is a misinterpretation taking place. If you can look at the OFX log file, you may be able to see what your broker is sending. I suspect they are sending the wrong number.

  • watsonhome
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    Thanks for input.

    I was able to resolve the issue though.

    This (incorrect bond value reporting)was an issue that cropped up for me only recently. Previously, it had been showing as correct. (as of July).

    Perhaps it was related to recent Etrade to Morgan Stanley "transition" - but in reviewing the details, the bond holding showed as a security in the detail. I attempted to correct this to a "bond" holding by editing the details, but was not successful.

    The way I resolved it was to delete the portfolio, then "re-add" the portfolio - and it then recognized the securities as securities and the bonds as bonds. Had to re-enter information since I had multiple placeholder entries as original purchase history was lost in the re-add.

    But, after re-adding the portfolio and updating the information, it now reports bond values correctly.

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