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Is there anyone in the community who downloads transaction from Cinfed? I have multiple accounts there. When I went to One Step Update (Windows, Home Business Rental) for my August statements on 9/6, it said 11 accounts updated but there were zero transactions in the accounts. I always install new versions of Quicken when prompted. I have spent about 6 hours on the phone over the last 2 days with Quicken support. My accounts have been activated & deactivated numerous times and when we try to link the existing accounts Quicken says Cinfed does not provide enough account info to match to the correct account . I have reached out twice to Cinfed and atleast they provided me a written explanation. I loathe the idea of having to go back to downloading QFX files and importing to Quicken. My husband and I are self employed rental property owners. I have relied on Quicken since 2014 and I am very unhappy customer right now. Below is the explanation received from my bank.

My name is Ashley and I am Lauren’s lead here at Cinfed. So I have reached out to my support team on this and unfortunately there is not anything else that we an do.

I am sorry that this is not going to be the answer that you are wanting. But this is something that is controlled by intuit/quicken. We have the files generated the way that intuit/quicken require. Support stated that there is not anything that we can do further as it seems that quicken is having issues with how the files are downloaded on their end. There is not a specification that we can follow to enable the automatic syncing of data into Quicken/Quickbooks. It is generally Intuit’s responsibility to fix issues with auto authentication and importing of data. Intuit is responsible for ensuring that their software correctly ingests data that has been provided by the online banking solution.

I hope you have a great weekend and please reach out if you have any further questions.


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    The banks ALWAYS try to blame Quicken. Banks lie.

    And, BTW, we're other users and can't escalate anything. You need to contact Q Support for further help.

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