Suggestion -- allow export of more than 250 columns to excel worksheets

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Currently Quicken limits exports of portfolio or net worth and cost basis (which can be customized to include only specific accounts or instruments) to excel worksheets to 250 columns (ie, 250 days).

While it is not necessary to display more than 250 columns with Quicken reports, there is no reason in this day and age to impose this 250 column limit to results exported to excel worksheets. This would enable investors such as my self to carry out meaningful risk assessments on their investments without having to spend an inordinate amount of time pasting together 250 column worksheets.

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    Does anyone on the Quicken development team read these posts?

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    Users can vote on Idea posts like this one, and they are reviewed by the Forum moderators. Those with a large number of votes are referred to Development for possible implementation.

    You can start the ball rolling by voting for your own idea. To vote, click on the little up arrow below the vote count at the bottom of the first post.

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