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I use quicken for only one purpose - to download monthly credit card statement and allocate those expenses to categories. Nothing else. My old laptop is dying. I use iPhone and iPad for everything, except quicken. It looks like quicken will not be compatible with iPad any time soon. Being able to only look at the data is of no use to me, I need to download transactions and allocate. So, my choice us to abandon quicken or buy a laptop for the sole purpose of quicken. Naturally, I would want bare bones cheap for a single purpose laptop. What shoukd I look for. Is a Chromebook compatible. Thanks for any advice


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    Quicken always needs a desktop software anchor to it's QDF data file -

    but it also has the Mobile App and the browser portal via Quicken on the Web -
    Have you tried taking a look at either/both of these to see how they might work for you ….
    but still needing a desktop Quicken for your main data location.

    Chromebooks are not real Windows PC -
    they are merely an enhanced Chrome browser platform… and will not work for the Quicken Windows software

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    Are all your credit cards with one financial institution? If so, does the financial institution have any capability to do your allocations on their website?

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    I guess I didn't explain my problem. I want to download credit card transactions and allocate those transactions to spending categories - not predetermined categories but categories that I have tailored to my expenses. I have been doing this with quicken for decades. It's very very simple. I don't want the bank to allocate those expenses. I don't want to just look at what I have already allocated - which is all you can do with quicken mobile app. Does that make any sense to anyone? I don't want a budget tool, or an investment summary. And I will have to buy a new laptop because mine is dying. But, since for third time this year Quicken has done an update and Tangerine transactions aren't downloading i'm thinking its simpler to just give up on Quicken and develop a spreadsheet.

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    sorry … I haven’t touched the Quicken Cloud and Mobile App for fear of data corruptions..

    I thought you could associate your categories with your transactions in the Mobile App … guess not -

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    Finally found the Quicken System Requirements

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    just tried it with test file -

    Create new Categories on Desktop - then Sync - then look using Quicken Mobile and Quicken on Web - and the new categories are there ….
    … Settings —> Manage Categories

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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