Schwab takeover of TD Ameritrade

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All account details are supposed to remain the same, but how do I link the old TD Ameritrade account to the new Schwab account without losing the TDA account transaction history & downloads? Will creating a new Schwab account pick up all the pre-existing info?

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    Please see this FAQ and post back if you have further questions

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    At first, I tried to do the Option 1 (keeping accounts), and the lifetime history of the TDA Ameritrade transactions seemed suspect. In particular, my net worth over time graph wasn't accurate at all and showed a large bump at the beginning of September when the takeover occured.

    I then restored to a backup copy of my Quicken file and tried Option 2 (creating new accounts) and was much happier with the results. I still had to add a few corrections to make the account's share balance match my Schwab portfolio, but that was a minor inconvenience. My net worth over time graph now looks correct to me. The only annoyance are the relics of the TDA Ameritrade registers that remain in my list of accounts, but I added a 'z' to the front of their names so they drop to the bottom of the account list. I think I am in good shape from hereon out.

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