How can I add Chase & CapOne to new Quicken data file (edit)

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Due to downloading problems when updating accounts, I have started a new file. I added USAA with no problem, When I try other accounts, I end up with a blank page at the requested account. CHASE, CAP ONE.


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    It looks to me like USAA uses Direct Connect for its downloading method, and I know that Chase, and probably Cap One, use the Express Web Connect+ method for downloading.

    With EWC+ you need to give permission at each financial institution to allow downloads to Quicken, so I'm wondering if that's the source of the problem, i.e., you can't use that permission with a different Quicken file? You might try going to the Chase and Cap One web sites and removing those permission and then try creating the new Quicken Accounts again.

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    That is precisely the problem. How do I go to Chase and CapOne and remove those permissions?

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    Not sure what you encountered with Chase and CapOne - they migrated to the new EWC+ protocol -
    You need to enable and authorize downloading from each of those online websites -
    During the Quicken Add Account process - you should be directed to the Chase / CapOne website to authorize….
    Here was the process I used during the migration -

    Not sure what you did - and what you encountered -
    Here are the steps I used ...

    • running R43.26 - created Backups - ran - File --> Validate --> [x] Validate
      1 - went thru and manually DE-activated ALL my Chase accounts before even starting this process.
      2 - also went thru and CLOSED any old Chase accts that were in fact actually closed.
      3 - the Opening Balance in one acct was trashed - but I had pre-copied it into the Memo field
      4 - then did an ADD ACCOUNT for Chase -
      and followed the directions to Authorize, Select which accts, etc
      5 - all accounts showed up with their nicknames and able to LINK to their existing Quicken accts
      6 - screen said that 5,300 transactions were downloaded - in fact, none actually showed up.
      7 - only 1 dup during this process.
      8 - next day - OSU - and a handful of dup transactions downloaded - from around 9/2/22 - and today is 9/18/22
      9 - will see how next week goes... with OSU and dups.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    At the Chase site I see this:

    However I didn't see that left side menu option, and I don't know why.

    My answer was pretty much speculation since the EMC+ process hasn't really been explained in any detail by any Quicken person who might have that information, so it might not really play into your problem. If you follow the above directions and don't see AccountSafe either, it might be because the Chase account is still connected to Quicken in the old file? Maybe try disconnecting it over there?

    I don't have any CapOne accounts so I can't look into anything over there.

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