Online Center is showing transactions but I'm not able to do anything with them.

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I have 7 transactions in my online center that I can't get rid of. The transactions exist in my investment register (Etrade) but I can't delete/accept or do anything with them. This is preventing me from doing any type of download from my brokerage account. I'm unable to reset or inactivate/activate the account either.


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    Etrade got acquired by Morgan Stanley and I believe the transition from Etrade's system to Morgan Stanley's system has occurred within the last few days.

    When a portfolio is moved from one broker to another broker you need to make some adjustments in Quicken to get downloads to continue. You can either create a new Quicken Account linked to the new broker and do a "Transfer of Shares Between Accounts" in the old Quicken Etrade Account, or disconnect the Quicken Etrade Account from downloading and connect the Account to the new broker.

    This is more thoroughly explained here:

    (Change the names of the brokers accordingly)

    How did you handle this in your file?

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    I like your suggestion, however I have 2 other accounts with Etrade and they both transferred ok. I only needed to change the account numbers on the accounts. I will try creating a new account and move shares between the accounts that way the purchase history will transfer.

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