Why do some bills show up in the Income and Transfers list in Bills and Income


I have four bills I pay monthly that appear in the Income and Transfers list under the Bills and Income Tab as can be seen below.

The Home Depot Card and two Fidelity VISA cards are credit cards with an account type of credit in Account Details. The Achieve Personal Loan has an account type of Loan in Account Details. The others are income.

Why would those four show up in this list instead of in the Bills list?


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    I suspect you have payments to the credit cards set up in Quicken as Transfer Reminders, not as Bill Reminders.

    Whether you set the up as a Transfer or Bill Reminders is not the important part. The important part is they are categorized as Transfers…i.e., where the account name the payment is coming from or being made to is enclosed in brackets similar to [Checking Account Name] or [Card Card Account Name]. Which, BTW, is exactly how they should be set up because technically credit card payments are not bills, they are simply a transfer of a cash asset between accounts. The expenses (or bills) occurred previously when the purchase transactions were made with the credit cards.

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    It may be different as I am using Q2017, but if I create the reminder as a Bill Reminder and use the credit card account in square brackets as the bill category, the reminder shows as a bill. If I create the reminder as a Transfer Reminder, the reminder shows in the deposits and other scheduled transactions.

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  • Bert Onstott

    i will see if that's the issue. Thank you

  • Bert Onstott

    It turned out to be how I added them. I use this to forecast my checking account balance. I pay credit cards from my checking account. Both the credit cards and the checking account are in Quicken, so the payment shows up as a transfer from the checking account to the credit card account in Quicken. I added the online bill by selecting the last payment and reminder. I just needed to add the biller from the Bills and Income tab.

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