How to remove from computer - I have a huge buildup of bill reminders, etc. (edit)

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After using Quicken for a very long time, I no longer have enough need to continue with the program. Because it has just been sitting on my computer inactive, I have a huge buildup of bill reminders, etc. How do I quit using the program? Should I just delete the program to delete all of the backlog? Is there a way to "stop" the program and remove the backlog of "stuff" without totally removing the program from my computer in case I should want to access something from a previous year? I do not pay bills directly from the Quicken program.


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    please explain -
    aren't these just items within the Quicken program - and don't really exist outside of your desktop program -
     ….. I have a huge buildup of bill reminders, etc. 

    You can keep it installed or not - and keep your Quicken QDF data files & backups in case you ever want to go back -

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    Your profile shows you are running QWin 2017, not subscription. So there is nothing you need to do in regard to that.

    Regarding your backlog of (i.e., overdue) Reminders: Click on the oldest of each Reminder to shade it. Then click on the Edit button on the right side, click on Edit this instance and all future instances, click on Delete and click on OK. Doing this for each repeating Reminder will entirely delete all of them from your data file and they will not return.

    Then I would suggest that you backup your data file.

    Once you have done this you can simply close Quicken. There is no need to delete the data file or to remove Quicken. All of your historical data will be there if/when you decide to open Quicken and your data file in the future for whatever reason.

    Any questions?

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