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How to move data from Windows 2011 Starter Edition to Mac Quicken Deluxe v 7.2.2?

I have taken over the finances for a small house and all the data is on a Windows computer with a 2011 Starter Edition of Quicken. I need to move all that data to my Mac (OS Monterey v 12.6), with a Deluxe Subscription of Quicken v.7.2.2.

I do have a copy of all the downloaded data in an excel spreadsheet (I also have a .TXT copy of the data). I am a leery of downloading another software package to convert this data - but the Windows computer housing data is about 80 miles away.

Can anyone suggest the best and safest way for me to move all this data from the old Windows computer to my Mac?

Thank you!!!


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    It should be straightforward (famous last words!) to convert your Quicken Windows 2011 file to the current Quicken Mac. The Quicken website states the Quicken Widows 2011 data files can be converted:

    And a step-by-step description is here:

    So you should first do the preventative maintenance described in that link on the Windows computer, and then move a copy of the Quicken Windows data file to your Mac. (You might want to make a .zip file of the .QDF file on the Windows computer; that makes it safer to transport to the Mac — via flash drive, Dropbox, or even emailing it to yourself.)

    I think you'll find this process preferable to purchasing a third-party converter program to try to get your spreadsheet into a format Quicken Mac will import.

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  • MiaBanks1
    MiaBanks1 Member

    Thank you - I appreciate the email and hopefully this will work!

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