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Being able to edit your budgeted amount while viewing actual spending (Q Mac)

chasbgill Member

I like the Mac version for budgeting but to me it is lacking compared to the version in Windows. If I remember correctly, in Windows you could edit the budgeted amount while seeing what the actual spending was for a particular category. My budget has at least 40 items and it is very cumbersome to go in and reconcile the budget to the actual amount spent. In Quicken for Mac you have to click on the edit button for the amount budgeted if you want to change it. This screen does not show you the actual spending for that item, only the budgeted amount. You either have to remember the actual amount or in the case of reconciling the entire budget, export it to a CSV file and printing it out in Excel and then reconciling it in Quicken.

It would be great to be able to edit the budgeted amount on the initial screen for the budget. It shows you both the actual and budgeted amounts, and clicking on the item allows you to view the transactions for the month, which is a very nice feature. Better would be to also allow you to edit the budget to match up with the spending.

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  • M Campbell Crockett
    M Campbell Crockett Member, Mac Beta Beta

    I have a similar desire to @chasbgill. I want to be able to set my estimates to the actual income or expenses at the end of each month to minimize the variance displayed in the Budgets' Summary, Income, and Expenses for each Category included in the budget.

    I can manually adjust each category's estimated budget. Unfortunately, this is made difficult by the Budgets' Edit screen overlaying by the Budget's display screen. One solution would be to allow the Budgets' Edit screen to open in a separate window that can be moved about the screen allowing the user to see the actual data displayed in Budgets.

    Another option would be to implement a right-click feature in the month column that allows the estimate to be updated with the actual income/expenditures for that month.

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