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William Heise
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I have Windows 10 Pro. Quicken v 52.20, build On 09/20/2023 I had to restore a backup I made 09/11/2023. Now when I calculate a net worth or show net worth by month on my home screen, many balances are set to zero and the net worth calculation is grossly inaccurate. This starts with net worth calculation of November 2022. How can I fix this?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Are some account balances in the Account Bar (usually on the left side of your screen) also zero?

    Are just investing accounts affected, or banking accounts as well?

    If you go to an affected investing account and click on Holdings, are all the correct securities there? Are the share prices and quantities correct?

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  • William Heise
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    After updating today (09/21/203) everything is fine! I can't explain it. Thanks for looking so quickly at my question and offering to help. I appreciate it.

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