Why do certain memorized transactions have their dollar value changed?

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I have 2 specific memorized transactions that have their dollar values changed after being memorized. This has existed for quite some time and has irritated me enough to finally ask this question. The amounts of the 2 transactions are similar: $1310.26 and $1319.51.

In both instances, upon first use after being memorized, the dollar values have changed by Quicken

and are reduced by $.01. Weird and beyond my understanding as to why! These are recurring transactions and the memorized amounts are used (recorded in the register) once each month.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Quicken for Windows version R52.20


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    Because they are not locked. Checking the box in the Lock column prevents a Memorized Payee from being changed. They maybe locked now, but they weren't when they changed.

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    Thanks but, because this has been a chronic issue, I make sure these are locked at the time they are memorized. I will occasionally delete these and start again to memorize them, locking them, but the issue always returns. Some kind of systemic issue that has to do with these (and only these) very similar specific strings of numbers?

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    The most common cause for mysterious changes to Quicken data is syncing to the Quicken cloud. If you do not use Quicken mobile or web, you should turn off cloud syncing.

    For this particular issue with your memorized payees, I would set up reminders for the problem payees and set the reminders to enter in the register a few days before the transactions are typically downloaded from your bank. The amount entered by the reminder should not lose the 1 cent.

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