Completely Delete investment account (Q Mac)

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I want to close/delete an old investment account which is hidden. I no longer want to see any trace of it. I keep on getting this annoying message

This account has securities balances, please clear the securities before you close te account

I have no idea which security it refers to, and I do not care, I want to remove the whole bloody account.

It seems that I am not the only frustrateed Quicken user, and could not find a compreesible solution.



  • jacobs
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    If you want to delete the account and all its history, just delete the account. Click the account in the left sidebar and select Accounts > Delete Account. Or Control-click the account name in the left sidebar and select Delete from the pop-up menu.

    If you use Quicken mobile or web, make sure you do Accounts > Sync to mobile after doing this, so the account doesn't exist in the Quicken Cloud. (In fact, I'd probably take a stronger action and go to Preferences > Connected Services and click Reset to create a new Cloud account from your current desktop file.)

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