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Vanguard does not support detailed investment tracking

crp Member ✭✭

I've asked this before but to no avail. I changed my Vanguard connection to Quicken from "Vanguard" to "Vanguard Personal Investors". As a consequence it does not appear that I can get Detailed Investment tracking, ie the option when setting downloading is not allowed. Other accounts I have connecting through "Vanguard" still work fine. Can anything be done about this?

MacOS 13.5.2, Quicken Deluxe 7.2.3.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Why did you change to Vanguard Personal Investors? My understanding is that this connection does not support Direct Connect, which is required for detailed investment tracking.

    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • crp
    crp Member ✭✭

    They nudged me into it, without indicating that there was a downside. I had no idea that they would stop supporting a service that had worked well. Does Quicken charge them more for detailed tracking?

  • crp
    crp Member ✭✭

    In case this may help others, I figured this one out. My misconception was that Vanguard accounts were either in "Vanguard" or "Vanguard - Personal Investors", when these are just different channels to the same accounts. I disconnected the accounts I was accessing through "Vanguard - Personal Investors", then connected them again, this time through "Vanguard", choosing the detailed transactions option which is only available through "Vanguard".

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